Youtube: The cool kids’ music Google

So it seems YouTube is the place where all the cool kids are finding their music these days.

Of course, Spotify and the like play a part, but not all of the people we love at Tin Man Heart on on there yet, so here’s a YouTube playlist of Irish artists we work with, artists we’re listening to and artists we love. Some unsigned, some signed, some very well established and some on their way.

Here’s the playlist, but what’s music without a story, so below is a little taster of why each song and artist is on the list.


Calla – Sonja Sleator

Where better to start than with our very own Sonja Sleator and the song that very nearly wasn’t on her ADAMS EP. Calla is a song about sticking by your best mate, loyalty in the face of panic and adversity. And it’s bloody catchy too.

Aaron Shanley & The Horrortongues – My Mind Ain’t Pretty At The Minute

Aaron Shanley is one of the most talented songwriters this country has ever produced. He can write lyrics that hit that sweet spot between being terrifyingly emotive and instantly relatable. This is one from his heavier album Metal Alligator which was long listed for the 2017 NI Music Prize.

Dolbro Dan – Own Up 

I first saw Dolbro Dan supporting Pete Gardiner in a rock bar in Newtownards. It takes a hell of an artist to make a dent in a Pete Gardiner performance, but Dan did that and more. And that’s no slight against Gardiner. With his new album Folk Dope coming out soon, Dolbro Dan has been trickling out singles and videos of the highest quality. Like a bell his voice cuts through and his lyrics are always on point. This playlist wouldn’t be complete without him.

Haypark – Ramona

If the first three tracks didn’t wake you up, Haypark’s Ramona will. Lead single off their fantastic debut EP it’s a ballsy rocker with enough grunt to shift a small truck. It’s short, sweet, to the point and, like the EP as a whole, will definitely leave you wanting to hear more from this band.

Warren Attwell – Picture of Perfect

I had the pleasure of witnessing my first Warren Attwell performance at the Chez Nobody coffee shop in Lurgan. He was playing with Sonja Sleator, Aaron Shanley and Kiernan McMullan on the latter two’s Irish tour. Warren is gifted with a fantastic turn of phrase and the ability to write hooks that’ll wrap themselves around your brain for days. His Farm House Sessions are live performances of songs which may make it onto his upcoming album – highly recommended viewing.


Joshua Burnside – Hollilogram, Ryan Vail – Shadows

I group these two fantastic artists together simply because the first time I saw them perform was on a bill together in late 2017. Although different styles, their performances are equally captivating. Burnside with a band of exceptional musicians and Vail alone but surrounded by a light show that’s on its way to putting Muse to shame. Easily two of the most exciting artists in Ireland at the minute.

Wasps – Godzilla is Dead

I saw Wasps play Fibber Magee’s in Dublin with Sonja Sleator and Ethan Hanna and honestly I’m still not entirely sure what I witnessed. Despite managing to show up for the gig short of some cables and a bass guitar (albeit only needed for their final song), the duo from Coleraine/Donegal put on an unforgettable show. Describing themselves as math punk (whatever that is), and using a combination of octave and modulator effects, impeccable drumming and screaming local slang into the microphone, they definitely made a mark with their first Dublin show. Part of the excellent Zool Records, these guys have the environment and creativity to develop into a hell of a band.

Ethan Hanna – Shadow City

Friend of TMH, it would be remiss of us not to include Ethan on our playlist. With an album coming in the not too distant future, anyone who can’t find enough of him on YouTube won’t be disappointed for long. For fans of Bruce Springsteen, Brian Fallon/The Gaslight Anthem, Tom Waits and just any bloody good music.

Amy Montgomery – Dangerous

Ireland’s answer to Joni Mitchell, Amy Montgomery’s voice is phenomenal. Expanding her songwriting styles and live performances with the input of producer, musician and all round legend, Michael Mormecha, Amy is developing into an artist of the highest quality. Dangerous is the lead track off her debut EP, which is only available at live shows so make sure you get to see her.

Chase The River – Picture 

Stuart Lunn is one of the hardest working musicians I know. As well as songwriting, gigging and working on a new EP, he’s a soundboard for upcoming artists to help them get gigs, arrange writing sessions, shooting and editing videos and lots more. With a band, Chase The River songs take on a new dimension and 2018 will be a huge year for Stuart with the release of his next album.

John Andrews – On the Run

Fully endorsed by none other than Sonja Sleator’s mum, John Andrews is one of the few artists where the word “unique” can be used without any risk of hyperbole. Comparisons are therefore obsolete, but John pulls raw emotion through his vocal chords and comes out with something special every time. His last EP was released through Grass Roots Records, I’m told another one is on the way.


This playlist will be updated regularly, so comment below and let us know who else to add next time round.

1 thought on “Youtube: The cool kids’ music Google

  1. WASPS and John Andrews would be on our list also, great shout! Will be sure to check out the rest


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